The Benefits of a University Over Community College


While the majority of us think that a university degree will advance us in our chosen careers, there are some who still think you should get there through hard work and not because of a piece of paper. Here we have a few comparisons between university and community college educations.

One of the main, and very obvious advantages, is that you have the possibility of higher earnings in the future. While there is nothing in this world that guarantees you will be employed in your chosen field, the fact remains that if you are lucky enough to be, your potential earnings are greatly increased.

University isn’t just about gaining your degree. This is obviously the reason for being there, but attending college is a life changing experience that has much to do with living on campus. You don’t get this experience from attending a community college.

Sharing dorms with strangers who become friends and embracing the whole lifestyle is one of the major reasons that students choose to attend a university rather than a community college.

There is a lack of diversity and ethnicity in community colleges, as the students are all from your area and you will probably know most of them anywhere. Universities have students from every religion, culture and nations that you can imagine.

Realistically, the only way that you will experience this is if you attend one of the larger community colleges in a city that has very diverse cultures, like New York.

By mixing with students from different backgrounds to your own, you get the opportunity to experience different cultures. This is often lacking from community colleges as the students will most likely be locals as opposed to a range of cultures.

Another thing you’ll be missing out on by attending your local community college is the opportunity to experience the arts programs that the universities take great pride in. Going to a concert or to the theater with your fellow students is a big part of student life, so don’t miss out on it.

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