Select the Best University Offering the Program You Need


These days, you need a college degree to open the doors for most professional careers. The days when you could move to upper level positions without a degree are coming to an end. Not all degrees, and certainly not all colleges, are created equal. To guarantee your future you have to select carefully.

Knowing the college major you want takes some thoughtful consideration. Once you make that decision, you can take advantage of the list of options below for the best schools offering each program.

Best Business Program for Undergraduates

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School might be the most highly regarded program of its kind in the United States. Among other programs, it stands out at the top and is the only one meriting Ivy League status. Many of the people who graduate from this program go on to be become CEOs, top bankers, or influential consultants who shape the economy.

Best General Studies Program

Boston University tops the charts on most assessments for general studies programs. Their unique approach to education simply can’t be beat. They have five faculty members from different backgrounds who team up to teach each student, creating a totally interdisciplinary education with open dialogue and creative learning forums.

Best Theater and Film Programs

The University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) is located at the heart of contemporary film and theater production. With its finger on the pulse of the most important forms of media, this program can prepare you for a great career in film, television, or on stage. It lets students explore their creativity, yet lays the foundations for all aspects of production.

Best Interior Design Programs

The New York School of Interior Design offers you the developed and dedicated teaching of some of the best known and most respected interior designers in the field. Not only is it the largest program of its kind in New York City, but it has an intimate student-to-faculty ratio that gets you the hands on, one-on-one relationships you need for optimal learning.

Best Philosophy Program

If you want to become one of the world’s great thinkers, solving questions about human existence and the meaning of life, then you are on your way to becoming a philosopher, and Brown is the place to go for training. Brown’s program offers all the intricacies of philosophy, from logic to ethics to metaphysics. You will acquire a comprehensive background in the various aspects of philosophy while being able to explore the one area that most captures your attention. Their philosophy program is top notch.

As you seek the ideal school and program for you, consider the many factors that go into this decision, and then carefully select the very best school available which carries the programs of your interest. Compare each program’s benefits and match them alongside the same at other collegiate institutions. These are tough decisions, but always exciting as you plan your future.

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