History of Language


It is a known fact that all animals commute with each other through language and body gestures. But it’s only the humans who have developed a system of communication amongst themselves.

Since ancient times the language is changing continuously and still we have new words / lexicons in the modern language itself.

There is no strong evidence about the origin of language but according to researches there is a conclusion that languages came into existence from 3000 B.C. Initially the language was adopted by nomads of Eastern Europe and West Asia and during 2000 B.C. Indo-European languages begin to stretch across Europe, Atlantic Coast & Mediterranean regions. Another language which did come into prominence during this era was Semitic language which found its origin in tribal clans of Arabia.

Today the English is the primary language of North and South America, Australia and New Zealand though we have about 5000 languages in operation (1/3 are just from African subcontinent)

Though the languages in its initial stages were not subject to race but subsequently it followed a pattern and now we could map a particular race with particular languages. Like Persian was the language of Persia (now Iran), Arabic became the prime language of the Arabs, Mandarin for the Chinese and Devnagri for Hindus etc.

So there is separate history associated with respective language but here in this article we would discuss the history of one of the prime language – English language.

English language originates from West Germanic Language (which too originally evolved from Anglo Frisian dialects, German Settlers & Roman troops in major parts of England, Germany & Netherland). The German tribes who ultimately give rise to English language interacted with Roman Empire as a result they borrowed some words from the Latin also so sometimes English language is termed as “Borrowed language”.

There are 3 classifications of English:

Old English – Native language for England. Derived from Anglo-Saxon.

Middle English – Came into existence around 1066 A.D. Derived from Anglo-Norman.

Modern English – Language came into prominence since 15th Century. Blend of Greek & Latin words.

Though we are amidst of modern English language but still there are several other regional and tribal languages which are on continuous evolution and improvement.

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