How Important Are Sports Camps For Getting a Scholarship?


The combine has always been associated with football. They test the 40 yard dash, they bench press, vertical test etc. but what about the other sports? Isn’t there a testing criteria for other sports that would help the athletes and coaches evaluate the players? These combines are a huge benefit to football players so why couldn’t they assist other athletes?

They can take the average player and raise his stock just because he ran a good forty time allowing him access to better colleges, full instead of partial scholarships and more flexibility in his scholarship options. So why don’t they offer something similar for softball, volleyball, track or golf for that matter? Well, it’s not impossible but just more difficult to evaluate some of these other sports but the data can also be much more useful. Take volleyball for instance, what is the players vertical reach/jump, how far can they broad jump, how quickly do they cover 10 feet, etc. Their are a number of sport specific tests that can accurately evaluate the athletes ability to test well.

And I say test well because that’s what these are, nothing more than just tests. These grades or stats don’t always translate into success during the game but obviously are traits that would assist the athlete in competing. So this all being said you must find combine camps that will evaluate your skills and promote these qualities to benefit yourself if you are looking to get a athletic scholarship.

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